Sean Enns

Photo by: Sean Fenzl

Hey there fine folks. My name's Sean.

Not Matt; Sean.

You might think it's odd that a guy named Sean is writing on a site called Matt Drinks Beer. You might be thinking "Why would he DO that? Wouldn't it be easier just to change the website? Or to find some other guy named Matt to write?"

Well, yeah it would. But there's a story to it.

Before you ask, it’s not a story about beer—I mean beer is just hops, barley, yeast, and water, and sometimes other stuff. And while the combinations of it can produce some pretty spectacular results, that’s a story that’s already being told by plenty of great people. And it's not a story about me. Not really.

It's more of a story about Matt—not specifically Matt though, more like the idea of Matt. It's a story about all the fine folks out there drinking craft beer. It's historians, artisans, crafters, brewers, thinkers, drinkers, and makers. For me, it's about what happens when you put a bunch of folks in a room with a few beers between 'em.

'Cause beer, I tell you what, that’s the magic key what unlocks the mouth treasure. You put me in a room with anyone and put a few pints between us, and in no time flat the stories will be flowing just as freely as the beer.

So pull up a chair, grab a mug of your favourite ale and shout a jaunty ‘cheers’ in your language of choice, ‘cause the taps are flowing and I, for one, am thirsty.